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Ballooniverse Mall™
is owned and operated by Rouse Technologies LLC of Clemson, SC, USA.

Graham Manly Rouse is the owner of Rouse Technologies LLC. He has 27 years professional experience in the balloon industry, 5 patents on technologies for balloon professionals and has experience producing, publishing, exhibiting and teaching balloon arts around the world.

Ballooniverse Mall  is conceived as:

  1. Shopping Center
  2. Resource Center
  3. Community Center

It is designed to serve persons and organizations
with an interest in using balloons
- for art - for craft - for education - for entertainment -
for fun - for profit

1. SHOPPING CENTER   First, Ballooniverse Mall is a Shopping Center of online stores.  The stores of BVSMall.com supply products and services to balloon professionals and to balloon consumers.  Economic activity among suppliers, professionals and consumers is the core of Ballooniverse Mall and the foundation for its growth. 

Ballooniverse Mall shopping prices are set at three basic levels.
1.  Shopping Visitors buy at the regular retail price.
2.  Preferred Shoppers participate in a FREE Ballooniverse Mall News, Education and Promotions Program and shop at discounted prices.
3.  Professional Balloon Decorators, Entertainers and Retailers Shop at special RESELLER / PROFESSIONAL prices.

2. RESOURCE CENTER   Second, Ballooniverse Mall is a Resource Center.  BVSMall.com plans to facilitate development of those who participate in its forthcoming Gateway To Balloon Success™”.

BVSMall.com/gateway iwill be the entrance to three sets of balloon success resources:
1.  Shopping Visitors will have free access to resources designed especially for them.
2.  Active Preferred Shoppers will have access to a broader range of resources.
3.  Balloon Professionals will login to access Professional level resources and all other Gateway resources.

3. COMMUNITY CENTER   Third, Ballooniverse Mall is a balloon Community Center.
In this role, the facilities of Ballooniverse Mall are directed to nurturing a
common identity among suppliers, professionals and consumers.  This common identity comes from:   
1.  A C
ommon interest in balloons as media for art, craft, education, entertainment, fun & profit 
2.  C
ommon interactions within commercial, educational and social activities of BVSMall.com
3.  A C
ommon purpose: Use balloons to make a positive difference in the world around you.

As Ballooniverse Mall fulfills these roles, it is:
1. Shopping Center  ---  2. Resource Center  ---  3. Community Center and

"The Shopping CENTER Of The Ballooniverse"

http://BVSMall.com - Manly Rouse - gmr@BVSMall.com 



You may review our Privacy Policy at   http://www.bvsmall.com/privacy 

You may review our Privacy Policy at   http://www.bvsmall.com/privacy
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