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Balloon Grids Seminar Builder (6')

Balloon Grids Seminar Builder (6')

Balloon Grids Seminar Builder (6')
Twelve Rouse Matrix Builder panels and balloons are used to create this giant greeting card backdrop for a 50th anniversary party.  Notice the curved surface.  Curving the wall makes it stronger.  Notice, also, the balloon flowers.  It is easy to add on decorative trim to a backdrop made with RMS Builders.Eight Rouse Matrix Systems Builder panels are filled with latex balloons to make this star design. Notice how the RMS balloon wall glows like a stained glass window with backlighting from the sunshine outside. You could get a similar effect with artificial lighting behind your own RMS Builder, balloon design.Twelve Rouse Matrix Builder panels and latex balloons are used to make the canopy for this larger-than-life chuck wagon.  The 12' by 18' sheet of balloons is bowed up in the middle like a sheet of paper.  The resulting RMS "tunnel" is anchord along the bottom edges to the tables.  It stands up well without other framing.Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load, balloon decorations like this dance floor canopy can be made with RMS Builder Ribbons or with RMS builders.  The RMS Ribbons are three balloons wide and the Rouse Matrix Builders are five balloons wide. Both use balloons inflated to 8" in diameter.
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RMS MODULAR PANEL -- Easily join it with others to make
larger displays. Cut with scissors to make custom shapes.

-- Two (2) RMS BUILDER frameworks are in the package.
-- The RMS framework is approximately 3' by 6'.
-- There are 55 apertures (openings for balloons) per framework.
-- Panels connect by hand with built in connector tabs.
-- Another row of balloons is created when panels connect.
-- Use 11" balloons underinflated to 8".
-- Load balloons single layer for the most surface display.
-- Use two frameworks & load double layer for maximum volume & strength.
-- Instructions are included.
-- Order balloons separately.

EXPAND-AND-LOAD. Simply expand the Rouse Matrix framework and load inflated balloons to fill out your beautiful balloon decorations designs. Combine your designs with other RMS shapes, RMS modular panels, RMS 3D forms, RMS kits and RMS accessories. Use these combinations to build larger scale balloon graphics, balloon sculptures and balloon decorations for art, for crafts, for education, for entertainment, for fun and for profit.
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